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Improve your bottom line with CTrides

Welcome to CTrides, a service of the Connecticut Department of Transportation. We’re here to help Connecticut employers seamlessly reap the financial, environmental, and productivity benefits that come when your employees use less stressful and less costly options than driving alone to work.

How? We’ll assign you a no-cost, dedicated consultant, a Commuter Program Manager (CPM), who will give you the tools to easily engage, enlist, and educate your workforce about the state’s many commuting options. In doing so, you’ll be afforded the opportunity to improve your employees’ productivity, financial savings, and health — while improving the bottom line for your company.

And every step of the way, we’ll enhance and spotlight your good citizenship to the community and the state.

Your CTrides Services

Your Commuter Program Manager will work to engage and educate your workforce about their commuting options — and give you access to our tailored employee commuting programs.

Custom Solutions–At Some Cost To You

Our experts identify all available transportation options — from carpooling and vanpooling to public transit and teleworking. We help plan practical transportation solutions to suit company schedules and workers’ routes. We can assist each of your employees in understanding all of their available commute choices.

Worksite Enhancements and Incentives

CTrides can help you identify and develop effective ways to improve your employees’ productivity by encouraging less stressful and lower cost ways to work. Depending on your worksite and location, these could include priority parking for carpools/vanpools, bicycling and walking accommodations, on-site commuting information services, and incentives for greener commutes.


Through this program we will reimburse your employees who use a green commute for the cost of their trip home in the event of a covered emergency.

Events and Engagement

We use our resources to develop and implement customized, on-site events and activities, including:
• Employee Information Sessions
• Carpool and Vanpool Matching
• Try-It Days for Transit, Carpool, Biking, and Telework
• Incentive and Rewards Programs

Emergency Ride Home (ERH)

Through this program we will reimburse your employees who use a green commute for the cost of their trip home in the event of a covered emergency.

Telework Assistance

We offer a full suite of no-cost telework consulting services that help organizations start or formalize an existing telework program. This well-constructed program can enhance your recruiting and retention efforts and is of great value during inclement weather and other emergency events.

Ridematching and Rewards Program

Employees who join the CTrides program get local discounts and prizes for using green commuting options. And, our user-friendly app makes it fun — and easy!





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