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Commuting by rail

Commuting by rail is a fast, convenient and relaxing way to travel. It also saves you money over driving to work alone in your car. And if your employer provides the federal commuter tax benefit, you can save up to 40% or more on the cost of commuting by rail including your station parking costs. And rail commuters are eligible for Commuter Rewards.

Riding trains in Connecticut is FREE for most students at participating U-Pass CT schools!

New Haven Line (Metro-North)

New Haven Line (Metro-North) provides frequent service from New Haven to Grand Central Terminal in New York City with intermediate stops including Greenwich, Stamford, and Bridgeport. Branch line service is also available to:

  • New Canaan
  • Danbury
  • Waterbury

Connections are available to local buses at all major stations.

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CTrail Hartford Line

CTrail Hartford Line provides fast, convenient, and frequent service along the busy I-91 corridor from New Haven to Hartford ending in Springfield, Massachusetts. This line serves nine stations from New Haven to Springfield with connections at New Haven to:

  • New Haven Line (Metro-North) for service into Grand Central Terminal, New York City
  • CTrail Shore Line East service along the shore to New London
  • Amtrak Northeast Corridor service to Boston, New York Penn Station, Washington, DC, and more!

Frequent bus connections are available at all stations.

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CTrail Shore Line East

CTrail Shore Line East provides fast, convenient, and frequent service along the busy I-95 corridor between New Haven to New London. This line serves nine stations from New Haven to New London with connections to:

  • New Haven Line (Metro-North) at New Haven for service to Grand Central Terminal in New York City
  • Connections are also available at New Haven for CTrail Hartford Line service to Hartford and Springfield, MA
  • New Haven and New London for Amtrak Northeast Corridor service to Boston and Washington, DC

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Ride and save in comfort.


Connecticut residents are served by an extensive network of local, express, and regional bus services that provide service throughout the state. CTtransit is the state-owned bus service and the largest provider of local and express services. CTtransit also operates Connecticut’s first Bus Rapid Transit system that utilizes a bus-only roadway for routes connecting Waterbury to Hartford. Local bus services are also provided by ten other agencies.

Riding the bus is a very economical way to commute and is the most heavily used form of transit. Most services offer multi-ride, weekly, and monthly passes. CTtransit customers can get a GO CT Card  for a quick tap-on, touchless payment that offers the lowest fares for your trip. If your employer provides the federal commuter tax benefit, you can save up to 40% or more on the cost of your commute. Bus commuters are also eligible for Commuter Rewards.

CTrides offers a free trial ride program that gives commuters a chance to try and experience the convenience of bus travel. The program consists of a 10-trip bus pass and is available to commuters who do not currently use the bus. For more information and to request your free trial ride, please get in touch here.



Cut your costs in half.


Carpooling is the most popular way to share a ride to work – it’s flexible and can save you 50% or more on the cost of driving alone to work!

Carpooling has many other benefits:

  • Saves wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Reduces traffic congestion and air pollution
  • Eligible for Commuter Rewards
  • Emergency Ride Home with participating employers

Finding a carpool partner is simple. Just visit CTrides’ free online ridematching service.


One fee and you’re on your way.


Vanpooling is a great way to save money and ride to work without the stress of driving. A vanpool consists of 4 to 15 people traveling together in a recent model van or SUV with low mileage leased from Enterprise. Members of a vanpool share all monthly expenses. The cost of vanpooling is also an eligible expense for the federal commuter tax benefit that can save up to 40% of the cost of your commute.

Vanpooling offers the following benefits:

This adds up to an average savings of $6,000 per year!

For more information, contact Enterprise at 1-800-VAN.4.WORK (1-800-826-4967) or visit them online at

Biking and Walking

Getting there is half the fun.

Biking and Walking

Cycling or walking have many benefits – from immediate cost savings to more subtle changes in health and well-being. And they are eligible for Commuter Rewards!

For more information, visit these organizations:


Additional Services

Assistance getting around CT for Seniors and people with disabilities

Mobility Ombudsmen

The Mobility Ombudsmen in Connecticut connects seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities with accessible, reliable public transportation.

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